Fly Forward

Fly Forward seeks to aid creative and spiritual exploration, awakening, and flourishing through educational materials, small groups, retreats, speaking engagements, leadership training and hands-on art studio instruction.

Art Journal Group

Do you enjoy journaling?  Ready to add imagery and visual artistry to your text?  The beauty of art journaling is that it is a safe place to freely explore and discover new things.  We blend the love for aesthetics and order and bring it into a living space.  For many, this practice can be a spiritual discipline.  Join me, my friend and artist, Marilee Tice, who helped me develop this group, as we facilitate your next creative process in the Fly Forward Studio on Thursday mornings this summer.

Color Corridor

What if God deeply cares about the way we create?  Even more than that, what if He interacts and connects with us through the creative process?  Wouldn't it change everything about the way we create?  Color Corridor is a class where we explore the creative process and learn to express ourselves as we connect deeply with Jesus, ourselves and others through various media and art forms.  Unlike Waking Up Grey groups, Color Corridor will be done together, during our group time.  Where Waking Up Grey is thick with homework and journal-writing and is largely solitary, Color Corridor is community oriented and encourages solidarity with fellow participants.  

Encaustic Workshop

During this workshop, you will explore a variety of mixed media processes within the exciting realm of encaustic. Encaustic paint is an ancient medium composed of beeswax, damar resin and pigments. Worked from a molten state, this versatile paint makes richly colored paintings and is a superb vehicle for mixed media exploration. You will be introduced to the following basics of working with encaustic: using temperature controlled electric griddles as palettes, heating and fusing layers of wax with heat guns, making homemade encaustic medium, preparing painting surfaces, brush application of paint, creating a variety of encaustic surfaces, mark-making with a variety of tools, image transfer, and incorporating collage elements into your design. 

Individual Direction
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Women Coming Together March 2015

Women's Retreat at Christ United Methodist Church, Franklin, TN

Advanced Encaustic Workshop

If you've taken the first workshop and want to take your skills and knowledge further, this class is for you!  We will practice skills we've already learned and build on them.  We will also learn new ways of application, including embedding found objects, pouring, different ways of image transfer, stencils, adding new media and material as possibilities, such as graphite, charcoal, oils, using wax pigments to create different effects, incising, photographs, fabrics, etc.  Materials list is the same as for the first class.