Weekend Encaustic Workshop

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Course Description

During this workshop, you will briefly explore a variety of mixed media processes within the exciting realm of encaustic.  Encaustic paint is an ancient medium composed of beeswax, damar resin and pigments.  Worked from a molten state, this versatile paint makes richly colored paintings and is a superb vehicle for mixed media exploration.  You will be introduced to the following basics of working with encaustic: using temperature controlled electric griddles as palettes, heating and fusing layers of wax with heat guns, making homemade encaustic medium, preparing painting surfaces, brush application of paint, creating a variety of encaustic surfaces, mark-making with a variety of tools, image transfer, and incorporating collage elements into your design.

What to bring: A variety of collage elements and photocopied or laser printed images (NO INKJET) - small, high-contrast images are the easiest to begin with.  Some suggestions for collage materials include: papers (scraps are excellent) such as tissue, magazine images, newspaper, old prints/drawings, lightweight fabrics and thin scrapbooking papers.  When selecting collage elements, look for materials that are somewhat permeable.  Color, composition, texture, translucency and individual exploration will be emphasized as you transform your collage and image transfer elements into your own piece of art!

Materials List:

This list and everything on it is optional.  I will have a limited amount of supplies, so the more you bring, the more you have to work with, but if you bring nothing, you will be covered!

Encaustic paints: these can be found online at R&Fpaints.com, or locally at Jerry's Artarama and Plaza in downtown Nashville.  Encaustikos Hot Cakes is also a good brand of encaustic paint.  I suggest a basic color palette with primary and secondary colors as well as white and black and/or Raw Umber

Natural paint brushes (NO SYNTHETIC - they burn on the griddle).  Hake brushes are excellent choices - soft and 2-3"

Kemper Potter tool kit (loop tools, awl, sponge, bone folder) - these can be found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby

Mark making tools (Use your imagination - such as relief/woodcut tools, glass cleaning razor blade, dental tools, pizza cutter, sewing tracing tools - look at thrift store/dollar store)

Silicone kitchen spatula, sand paper, parchment paper, paper towels, painter's tape

dry drawing media, such as pencils, pastels, charcoal

2-3 small metal cups or mini loaf pans or disposable aluminum muffin tins

Date: Saturday, february 10, 10-5 and Sunday, february 11, 1-5

Location: Fly Forward Studio, 1334 Mallard Dr. Franklin TN 37064



Beyond the basics art group

This unique opportunity is for those who have a basic understanding of visual composition and some familiarity with different media, or who have been through the Art Instruction For Beginners class with me.  Rather than group exploration, each student will work on an individual basis project by project.  Art Instruction for Beginners has a primary focus of introduction of elements and principles of design and technical instruction in a variety of media.  This class is based on desire and pace of each individual.

Open to all ages

Tuesday afternoons, 3:30-5:30, June 14-August 2