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Fly Forward is an organization that aids creative and spiritual exploration, awakening and flourishing through educational materials, small groups, retreats, workshops, leadership training and art instruction. 

Transgressing In Love

I'm beginning to see Jesus as a subversive rule breaker!  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Jesus was there when the world was created.  Not only was He present, He created the world in which we live.  He also created its laws.  He knows them inside and out, up and down.  Of course He does.  He created them!  And, just like any artist, He breaks the rules beautifully.  As an artist, I see that I must learn the structures and the laws of art in order to understand how to create.  As I grow in my artistry, I begin to work outside of the rules I've learned.  I begin to break the rules to create more subversive, provocative and innovative art.  

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My response to an Article I saw on Facebook

Much of what I do in my studio for those that come to me wanting more of Jesus is to help them trust themselves again.  What we hear from our church leaders is that we are not trustworthy.  We cannot trust our own experience of God.  We are told to look to our leaders to tell us what is right and wrong, true and untrue.  While there is a place for that, leaders have done a terrible disservice to our own inner experience of God.  II Peter 1:3 says, “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”  EVERYTHING WE NEED – The resurrection power of Christ, who has made our fleshly bodies His dwelling place.  The Holy Spirit is active and powerful within our physical bodies.  I can trust what my experience of Christ is.  He is my teacher.  The Spirit of God is my teacher.  God the Father is my teacher, in accordance with His holy scripture.  Thanks be to God! 

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Bridal Mysticism Series

This is my second painting in theBridal Mysticism series that is currently in progress.  It is entitled "Wedding at Cana."  These paintings are very personal and very real in terms of how they've been experienced.  To recap, these images are born out of my experience with the Ignatian exercises.  (Look below for the specific passage of scripture).

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The Creative Process

I am intrigued with the marital language that Jesus chooses to use in scripture when He talks about the church.  Over and over, He paints a picture of a bride and groom when He talks about His beloved people.  In 2010, I was able to travel to Italy and see the Bernini sculpture of Teresa of Avila, where she is depicted in a romantic encounter with the Divine, which fascinated me.  Through my experience of prayer, I am exploring this mystery of bridal love with the Divine.  I am excited to put some of these scenes onto the canvas.

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