“Warmth.  Light.  Peace. Stillness.  Love….it seemed to me that wherever these things are found in the world, they should not be a cause for guilt but treasured, nurtured, sheltered from the darkness that threatens them.”

- Frederick Buechner

In a season where our culture seems to be exaggerating the grotesque, where our political process more resembles entertainment for the masses rather than a democratic process where we carefully choose our leaders, we need to be reminded that there is an abundance of goodness in the world.  There is goodness, truth and beauty lurking about.  Beauty doesn’t need me to see it, but I need to see beauty.   As an artist, it is my desire to seek beauty and in so doing, reveal the hidden profoundness of life.

My copper and wire trees sewn onto canvas are ways that I explore these hidden aspects of beauty.  Whatever tree inspires me at the time, I support its existence by doing research on that tree and collage papers onto the canvas as the first layer.  I may use old history book pages or napkins or old hymnal pages or vintage textured paper.  I then layer the paper with oil paint.  Then I begin the process of tearing, cutting and sewing on copper trunks, roots, branches and leaves.  The copper is treated differently, depending on the particular tree and its parts.  Sometimes I patina the copper.  Sometimes I paint it.  Whatever the process, the trees and the materials that I use always emerge with a new message of beauty and profound truth, if we’re listening.