Get one-on-one individualized direction, both spiritual and creative.  This unique opportunity allows for me to attentively tend to what your specific needs and desires are within the spiritual and creative realms.  Individual meetings are designed with the understanding of where you are and where you want to go.  I will help you on your road to discovery and exploration.  This journey together may include and are not limited to the following: mapping your journey, learning new ways of praying and being in scripture, times with silence and times with speech, learning new artistic skills, discovering new media, exploring different artistic genre, such as poetry, visual art, music, art journaling, etc.  The following is a beautiful description of the Spiritual Direction relationship put together by the institution that awarded me my certification.

Spiritual direction is simply being a companion to one seeking God’s presence and life purpose according to God’s will.

Although confidentiality and safety are of utmost importance, spiritual direction is not therapy or psychoanalysis nor is it “fix-it” methodology.

Centering the Holy Spirit as the true director and the “directee” as the locus of discernment, a spiritual director becomes a soul-friend with whom directees can talk and share. A soul-friend nor anyone else can fully enter an directee’s deep soul space. But a spiritual director can listen to the articulations of deep soul space, silently open these to God and occasionally speak when something is heard in that openness that seems to be meant for the directee.

Spiritual direction is an ancient tradition described throughout Hebrew and Christian scripture whenever people are trying to describe personal and group encounters ultimately beyond their comprehension yet that they experience as very real and communicative in the moment. This sort of interaction happens in contemporary life as well, inviting an intimate communion with God and active love and appreciation of life. These encounters can be experienced by our imaginations, senses, wonderment and also in emptiness, darkness and through mistakes. A spiritual guide can listen and decipher with directees how these experiences give meaning to their lives.

The following are primary objectives of spiritual direction:

To welcome the loving presence of God, gently guiding words and thoughts to synchronize with the Holy Spirit (however the directee understands God and the Holy Spirit).

To provide a safe, hospitable, listening space for the directee to share any thoughts or feelings he/she wants to share, feels the need to share or has difficulty sharing in other settings. 

To be a spiritual companion to the sometimes lost and lonely process of decision-making. 

To help the directee recognize his/her spiritual journey, untangling and guiding through confusion or apprehension in order to be grounded and empowered in the divine, present moment.   

To accept, assure and affirm the directee as a beloved child of God.

© Amy Harkness 2009; revised by Jackie L. Halstead


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Cost for Spiritual and Creative Direction:

60 minutes: $50

90 minutes: $70

120 minutes: $85

Go to the contact page and let me know what works with your schedule and we can arrange times to meet!