A leadership training is designed to help you navigate the journey through leading others through the terrain of Waking Up Grey.  Being in a leader's position is a very different experience than being a group participant.  The book has a layered effect, to be mined many times; leadership is simply another unfolding layer of transformation.  The training will help you begin your role of being creative midwife.  Say yes to the rich invitation of stewarding this material and the hearts of those who are hungry for deep change and encouragement in their creative and spiritual lives. 

Leader Training: Sunday, September 23, 2018


Place: 1334 Mallard Dr. Franklin, TN 37064

Cost: $35 (includes the cost of materials)

What is a leadership training?  We will discuss what a leader is and is not, how to handle small group dynamics and issues that will inevitably come up in that environment.  We will do some role playing and work on coming up with solutions for these problematic situations.  We will spend some time investigating the Enneagram, a thorough and helpful personality model that helps to reveal what your leadership style is and how you can integrate your personality traits into your leadership skills.  There will be food and drinks provided.  Also, this will be a great opportunity to meet others who are leading the same material.  Talk to others who've led groups or who are contemplating leading their first group!