Encaustic Workshop

Recently, I was invited to bring an Encaustic workshop to a group called Journey Arts Collective

The evening was full of wax, griddles, hot guns, beautiful papers, chalk, charcoal, paint, and the list goes on.  We had so much fun creating and learning new techniques within the wonderland  of Encaustics.

Encaustic means "to burn in" in Greek.  It is an old tradition dating back to ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, since the wax component stands the test of water and time.  It has recently seen a rebirth among visual artists.  Every element applied must be heated.  The wax stays molten as it is worked with.  It is an outstanding material for collage and mixed media.

For most participants, this was their first interaction with the medium.  In three hours, many were able to complete a new piece of work in a new medium.

Artist - Michelle Dodrill

Artist - Michelle Dodrill

Please contact me if your group or event would like to explore this exciting medium.  For those who don't think they bring anything to the visual arts table, this is a friendly medium.  You don't have to know how to draw or paint.  If you appreciate a good composition and the way things are arranged on the page, you can do this medium.