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Fly Forward is an organization that aids creative and spiritual exploration, awakening and flourishing through educational materials, small groups, retreats, workshops, leadership training and art instruction. 

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Waking Up Grey offers readers ways to reconnect with their God-given capacity to create. Join others in an intimate journey of rediscovery. Experience how God has wired you to participate in and enjoy the creative process. Readers include professional artists desiring more fullness, those pondering the question of their creative existence, and everyone in between. Waking Up Grey (WUG) groups offer opportunities to share stories and celebrate your work. The book can be read as part of group study or individually. WUG participants find fellowship in communities of experienced and fledgling artists. If you are looking for support in a small, intimate setting, WUG may be just the thing. New groups are always starting. To find groups in your area, or to learn how you can start your own group, click here to contact me. I'd love to talk to you! It is my desire that groups will form and flourish all over the country and the world.

Here's what people are saying about Waking Up Grey:

"Waking Up Grey is a fantastic study for artists that has helped me tremendously in my creative pursuits. When I came, I was creatively knotted up, but week after week, Jennie led us through thought provoking insights, I began to untangle the knot. By the end of the 11 weeks, I noticed that I had learned to look at my art from a completely different perspective. Art is something that God is doing through me! I believe this book will be used by God to transform thousands of women's lives through art." - Bethany

"I knew that I had some areas of artistic wounding and being a member of one of Jennie's creative groups helped me find a place to both create art and experience a safe community of fellow artists.The encouragement, healing and growth have been great blessings in my spiritual and artistic life! Thank you, Jennie, for the timely invitation to walk the creative path with you!" - Tori Grant, Artist

"This course has felt like taking a cloth stopper out of a bottle. Little bits of creativity would trickle through but the flow was interrupted. It has also been a means of experiencing God's overwhelming presence through my creative processing. The best part is that I know it's just the beginning. The dam is about to break." - Holly

"I never considered a speaker an artist until someone suggested I do Waking Up Grey. My creativity went from black to color as I dug deep into the insecurities buried in my heart, and then let them go, with tears, laughter and love.  Waking Up Grey deeply affected my soul and my business as I allowed myself to crawl out of my self-imposed cocoon." - Sandy 

"Waking Up Grey helped me to embrace how God really made me, to be creative.  I hadn't allowed myself to cherish the unique ways that He has created me, thinking that those longings were not worthy to be pursued.  I am now chasing after opportunities to express myself and discover ways to see and express God's creation.  I am also embracing my story more fully now, instead of clinging onto painfulness in my life." - Tiffany

"Waking Up Grey embraces my creativity with a generous invitation to explore and fulfill the essence of who I am.  The message and process of seeking my life with creative lenses brings clarity and richness to the mundane and ordinary task of living my life." - Sharon

"I understood for the first time how much we avoid connecting with God, even when we don't realize it. Waking Up Grey enabled me to sit in the hard places with God and press into connecting with Him.  I realize that if we can press through our resistance to God's presence, we experience an intimacy and vulnerability with Him.  If we can make it to that place, I found that it's the place where His creativity is birthed in us." - Nikki

"Jennie Schut's work offers both the 'nudge' and shoulder of a friend who is meeting God in her journey, inviting us to pause, to look more deeply into how He is beckoning us individually to come to His table and be satisfied with nothing less than His presence.  Like few other books or studies, Waking Up Greyhas been a hand-penned invitation to invest time exploring the inner recesses of my heart with Jesus.  The Lover-of-my-soul has lightened my load, grieved with me, laughed with me, and danced with me in His great love in ways that have indeed transformed my day-to-day and strengthened me for the battle." - Carole

"So often we set up camp on lonely, boring islands  void of excitement, community, and real invigorating life.  Walking through Waking Up Grey with other ladies invited a life raft full of other hurt, healing, and hopeful women to join my journey...the adventure of resting in my Creator's care and expressing HIS goodness!" - Brianna

"Waking Up Grey has gone light years beyond the idea of creativity for me - it has been incredible therapy and blessing, especially in teaching me how to begin to love myself as God intended." - Anita

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